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Welcome to
Vrindavaneshvari Trust

वृन्दावन और स्वर्ग को तोले तुलसीदास
भारी भू पर रह गयो, और हलकों गयो आकास

Our trust has been established for the last 3 years in the sacred land of Vrindavan. Our foremost aim is to promote welfare and enhance prosperity in everyone’s life. In India’s one of the most prominent and spiritual places, Vrindavaneshvari Trust works constantly to improve the standard of living of mankind.

It is rightly said that Seva and Contributions performed at a religious and sacred place have unique importance of their own. Our motive is to inspire every life which enters the religious city of Vrindavan.

An Effort for the Mankind:

A city like Vrindavan offers us a platform brimming with spiritual and kind people, who radiate optimism. With such a positive environment, our team motivates and ignites every such soul to spread health and happiness.
Our objective is to touch as many lives as we can, and fill them with hope, gratitude, and love. The three essential emotions every human must possess and foster.

Vrindavaneshvari Trust has been a prominent organization with the only intention and mission of Seva.

Happy and Satisfied Souls Happy and Satisfied Souls
No Hunger and Poverty No Hunger and Poverty
Educated and Informed future Educated and Informed future
Health and Happiness Health and Happiness
Food Donation


We are ever-ready to assist people!

Helping and supporting others satisfies our soul. Contentment and happiness are all we seek by helping the needy lives.