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Dham Seva

Seva at any place in this entire world is a heavenly deed, yet Seva at sacred pilgrimages serves exceptional importance.To cleanse your soul and feel humbled, people engage in religious deeds when they visit pilgrimages. Maybe the environment and the sanctity of the religious place instills feelings of modesty and gratitude in a soul.

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“There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.”

Our motive is to let none sleep hungry.

Our team takes utmost care of our spiritual leaders. Hence, charity towards Saadhu forms a major part of our objective. We provide food, cylinders and other items of necessity to the Saints worshipping in the sacredness of this place.
Serving the locals and the residents who are impoverished and destitute brings great contentment to our lives. Regular food donation drives are conducted to ascertain no life sleeps longing for food, starved!

We aspire to bring a change in lives of all individuals, whether by charity or by inspiring them to do charitable work. Humanity is our core vale, and hence must be priortised.

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