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All we need is love and kindness, Let’s sprinkle plenty.

Established for the sole aim of



We promise to serve every
soul to make this a better place of living for everyone.

We persistently work to make Braj Dham a better and safer place to reside.

Our aim is to help every soul, dwelling in any body, achieve their goals and nurture their health. We care for human well-being and animal health. Our team is driven by the notion of kindness and courage. Envisioned to inspire every soul, we strive hard in our efforts towards humanity.

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Helped aged widows live a better life

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“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
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  • Volunteer in daily activities

How It Works? For Donors

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Vrindavaneshvari trust has been established for the last 3 years in the sacred land of Vrindavan. Our foremost aim is to promote welfare and enhance prosperity in everyone’s life. In India’s one of the most prominent and spiritual places, Vrindavaneshvari Trust works constantly to improve the standard of living of mankind. To know more about Vrindavaneshvaru Trust visit our page:
Donations of any kind made to a charitable organization are eligible for tax benefit. Therefore, you can obtain the receipt of your donation and claim a deduction from your income.
Promoting Education: Our Scholarship programs are developed to help underprivileged students of Braj to fulfill their rights to education.
Anna Daana: we persistently work to distribute free food to the people of Braj Dham. Our goal is to abolish hunger and poverty.
Saadhu Seva: Our team is keenly invested in helping the saints and spirituals who visit the holy land of Vrindavan.
Local Residents: With the funds gathered, our team aims to assist the financially unstable and weaker sections of Braj.
Gau Seva: It is vital to shield animals from exploitation. Hence, we have established a GauShala for the abandoned cows at Braj Dham.
Vrindavaneshvari has achieved various milestones in its journey. We have helped people and animals around Braj Dham, and we constantly try to make this a better place of living. Vrindavaneshvari is a legitimate charitable organization reputed for its astounding contributions towards the society.
No contribution is big or small. It is not a relative concept to be measured. Every contribution that is made with an intention of doing good to the humanity is precious for us. Vrindavaneshvari Trust places its belief in your intent and not the amount of contribution.
The organization was set up with limited funds and now has developed into an esteemed charitable trust. Our vision is not obtaining funds, but to allocate the limited resources in a manner that benefits the people of Braj.
One can donate via any mode. Bank, UPI, Payment Wallets, Cash, Kind are all welcomed with open arms.
If you have any more queries, you can contact us at:
1. Your kind support makes the life of Dhamvasi beautiful
2. Your donations are tax exempted under 80G of the Indian income tax act
3. Your donation transactions are completely safe and secure