Donate for Gau Seva | Contribute To Nurture Cows

Cow has been given the status of mother in Sanatan Dharam. The cow is said to be the superior in Sanatan Dharam. Swami Dayanand Saraswati says that a cow contributes food for 4,10,440 humans in its lifetime. It is scientifically proven Cow has more positive energy as compared to other animals. On the back of the cow there's The Suryaketu Nerve located in the spinal cord which keeps the environment clean by blocking harmful radiations. Which is beneficial for the environment. Suryaketu vessels can fabricate gold when it comes in contact with the sun. You can find the fabricated gold from the body of a cow is found in cow’s milk, urine and dung. This gold enters the body by drinking milk and urine and goes to the field through cow dung. Cow is the only animal which takes in oxygen and gives out oxygen. According to scientists, All other living beings take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide including humans. Russian Scientists have done an experiment on Havan with cow’s ghee. In which they come to the conclusion that 1 tonne of oxygen is produced when 10 grams is sacrificed with cow’s ghee.

Gau Mata Ki Seva

We consider cows as mothers. Now think about the cow mother who has devoted her life only in charity, and we leave such an idol of happiness, prosperity and love that the cow mother is left to die by eating garbage and polythene on the streets. Vrindavaneshvari has taken initiative to protect such helpless gau mata. In ancient times in India, Gau mata was the backbone of the economy. Lord Krishna describes “namo brahmanya devaya go-brahmana hitaya ca” the well-wisher of cows. Offering your sincere service to humble gau mata is one of the most appreciated ways to express your faithfulness towards lord Krishna and Gau mata. Gauseva is the essential part of the heritage and vedic culture. One should donate in gaushala for gau mata ki sewa and one should also take initiative to feed gau mata which will result in infinite blessing and good fortune, strength and happiness, you can also get rid of negative karma and past sins. Vrindavaneshvari takes care of Gau mata by providing them daily care , medical care , once a month routine check up and also if there is any emergency.

Gau Seva Trust

You can donate for gau mata food & gaushala maintenance. By doing this you can give your contribution, give Gau mata a complete care and add on some good karam in your life.  As a Gau seva trust you contribute your seva in the form of  green grass , dry grass , toor dal , moong dal churi , chana churi ,coconut cake etc. All the gods and goddesses, all the rivers and pilgrimages reside in the body of Gau mata. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna himself has motivated the society to serve Gau mata with his name Gopal. Let us connect with Vrindavaneshvari to serve the Gau mata of Brij’s beloved Lord Shri Krishna.