Help Us Nurture Cows With A Donation

In Hinduism, cows are considered sacred and are often referred to as "Gau Mata," meaning mother cow. Cows are believed to be a symbol of wealth, strength, and abundance. They are also believed to be a representation of purity and provide nourishment through their milk, which is why they are revered and worshiped in India. Gau Seva or Cow Care is an essential part of Hinduism and is considered a noble act of kindness towards these gentle creatures.

Vrindavaneshvari: A Gau Seva Organization Dedicated to Cows


With the increasing demand for milk and other dairy products, the number of cows being reared has reduced drastically. This has led to the establishment of Gau Seva Dham, Gaushalas, and Gau Seva Trusts across the country to take care of the cows that are no longer useful to farmers or are abandoned. One such organization that is doing excellent work in the field of Gau Seva is Vrindavaneshvari.

Vrindavaneshvari is a Gau Seva organization that was established to provide care and nourishment to cows. The organisation has set up a Gaushala in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, where cows are provided with food, shelter, and medical care. The Gaushala is home to over 1000 cows, and the organization aims to increase this number to provide a better life for cows that are no longer useful to farmers.

Donating to Gau Seva


Gau Seva is an expensive affair, and the organization requires funds to provide adequate care to the cows. Donating to a Gau Seva Trust like Vrindavaneshvari is a noble act of kindness that can help make a difference in the lives of these gentle creatures. Donations can be made in various forms, including donating cow feed, donating money for medical care, or sponsoring a cow's food and shelter. The organization has made it easy for people to donate by setting up an online donation portal.

People can donate online to Vrindavaneshvari’s website and donate to Gau Seva quite easily. Donating online is convenient and hassle-free, and donors can choose to donate any amount they wish to contribute. The organization provides regular updates on how the donated money is being used and how it has impacted the lives of the cows.

Volunteering for Gau Seva


Vrindavaneshvari welcomes volunteers who wish to help with the organization's activities. Volunteers can help with feeding and taking care of the cows, cleaning the premises, and other activities. The organization also offers internship opportunities for students who wish to learn more about Gau Seva. Become a volunteer by filling this form.

Donating for Cow Feeding


Donation for cow feeding is an excellent way to contribute towards Gau Seva. The organization requires a significant amount of food to feed the cows, and donations can help provide nutritious food for the cows. Cow donation online is another option that donors can consider. The organization accepts donations for the adoption of a cow, where donors can sponsor a cow's food and shelter for a specific period.

Donating for Gaushala


Donation for gaushala is another way to contribute towards Gau Seva. Gaushalas require a significant amount of funding to maintain and expand their facilities. The organization aims to increase the number of cows under their care and provide better facilities for their well-being. Donating to a gaushala can help provide a better life for the



Gau Seva is a noble act of kindness towards cows, and organizations like Vrindavaneshvari are doing excellent work in providing care and nourishment to them. Donating towards Gau Seva is an excellent way to contribute towards this noble cause, and online donation portals like Donatekart Cow have made it easy for people to contribute towards this cause. 

By donating towards Gau Seva, we can ensure that cows are treated with the respect and care that they deserve, and we can make a positive impact on their lives. Gau Seva is not just about providing food and shelter to cows. It is about taking care of them and treating them with love and respect. Gau Mata ki seva is a way of life for many people in India, and organizations like Vrindavaneshvari are working towards promoting this culture of compassion and kindness towards cows. By contributing towards Gau Seva, we can ensure that these gentle creatures are treated with the respect and care that they deserve.